Aluminum garage doors comply with the most important requirements for your garage: they are esthetical; they occupy a reduced space (they are driven vertically), offer high thermal insulation, are theft-proof and are easy to operate.

Slats are made of 77 mm aluminum, injected with dense polyurethane foam. Special slats with transparent polycarbonate or air slot elements can be interposed.

Standard colors are: white, silver, light or dark brown and wood-like. The gear case and guides are white or brown and are made of aluminum. Doors can be operated with a simple electric system (electric motor) or a combined electric system (electric motor and manual motor in case of power failure). Doors can be driven with a key switch or radio remote control (containing a receiver and an emitter with 1 or 4 channels). The construction and fixation system provide ease of use and operation safety.


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