The aluminum shutters have the advantage of providing with a single product the thermal, sound and visual barrier by simply inclining the slats.

The shutters also provide protection against inclement weather, rain, wind and dust, giving the home an added security.

The shutters are operated manually. The aluminum shutters have a high reliability compared to the wooden ones, which require more demanding maintenance.

Aluminum shutters can be manufactured in any color in the RAL range and have a 2-year warranty, with an average life of 20-25 years.

Aluminum shutters are an elegant solution to protect you from the weather and thanks to the efficient insulation system it helps to eliminate heat losses in the home. Also, by adjusting the opening of the shutters' blades you can achieve shadow and light effects that will create an interesting atmosphere in the living spaces.

You will find aluminum shutters in our stores in Timisoara, Arad and Resita.


The wooden shutters are a special accessory for windows or terrace doors.

The wooden shutters provide security, comfort, privacy, limit or interrupt light, supplement the protection against the weather and increase the level of security.

Although they are more expensive than PVC or Aluminum shutters, wooden shutters offer more alternatives in terms of style and design of the building.

The wooden shutters are made in two variants: with fixed or movable blades.

The basic system with fixed blades offers an elegant solution with fewer options and accessories at a reduced price. The system with movable blades allows to regulate the flow of air and light acting as an additional barrier against heat.

The advantages are:
– discreet and quiet lighting, protection against prying eyes, intimacy, protection against the weather, rain, wind, storm, during the hot weather period ensures a clean and fresh air by blocking the heat and intense solar radiation. Last but not least, there are elements that complement the architecture of the buildings with a special design.

You will find wooden shutters in our stores in Timisoara, Arad and Resita.


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